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This Beard Grooming Kit is a 2-piece comb and brush set.  The brush and comb are both finely handcrafted. Both are designed for travel and on the go.

Brush - This boar bristle brush is sturdy and durable, yet not too bulky to carry every day. The brush uses natural, boar bristles, the best of the best boar hair.  The stiff bristles can comfortably penetrate through your beard giving you full control with every stroke and without scratching your skin. Works perfectly with our beard oil and wash set to help evenly distribute the products. 

Comb - The fine crafted comb will leave your beard smooth, helping to remove any knots or tangles.


Get your #beardgame on with this great beard grooming kit!


Beard Grooming Kit Features:

  • Made from Boar Bristles
  • Easily Smooths & Styles Hair
  • Clears Residue & Dandruff
  • Works for various Beard Styles

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