Each year people make resolutions regarding their health and losing weight…they start off strong with gym memberships, diet changes and are very disciplined until they hit a wall. The problem is that resolutions are temporary, while a lifestyle change seeks to continually move forward. Another problem with resolutions is that many people try to make BIG changes really fast, instead of making SMALL changes that are doable and able to keep you more consistent while you adjust.

If your schedule is already packed and you can't seem to find the time; you're just beginning and don't know where to start; or the last time you exercised was so long ago, that you need an easy program to get started, then maybe this info can help you.  Whatever your reason, today is a good day to start getting healthy!  This tip will focus on exercising, but I’ll include some others with info on dieting.

Here are a few simple exercises that will help you build muscle and burn fat, regardless of your fitness level.

Single Leg Dead Lift - This exercise lifts and tones the glutes and activates the entire core (which helps prevent back pain). 

How to do it: Grab a pair of dumbbells and stand on your left foot. Lift your right foot behind you and bend your knee so your right lower leg is parallel to the floor.

Bend forward at your hips, and slowly lower your body as far as you can. Pause, then push your body back to the starting position.  As you come up, think about using your glutes to push your hips forward instead of lifting from your back. Keep core engaged and chest up during the entire movement.



Cardio Intervals - Incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into your routine to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time, as opposed to long, slow endurance exercise. 

How to do it: Choose any piece of cardio equipment (elliptical, running/jogging, jumping rope, running in place, squats, jumping jacks, treadmill, bike, etc) and repeat the following pattern as many times as possible at first and try to build up to 10 times total:

3 minutes at 50 percent of your maximum effort
20 seconds at 75 percent of your maximum effort
10 seconds at your absolute maximum effort



Triceps Extension - This exercise is perfect for toning the back of shoulders and triceps. Use light weights and perform a high number of reps (25+) for this exercise. Remember to build up to that number. Try starting with 7 to 10 reps at first until you build up some endurance. 

How to do it: Come into a lunge position, with your back heel on the ground. Lean over your front bent knee as your lift your arm straight up by your side, top of the weight facing the ceiling.  Lift and lower the 2-3 pound weight about an inch (25+ times each side).


As you start your exercise routine or incorporate these simple exercises into your current routine, remember beginning is the first step and staying disciplined is the most important step.  Feel free to shoot us a note and let us know how it's going!

Catch you later,

Yolanda, Crown-n-Glory CEO