The benefits of deep conditioners are derived from the contents of the product. Some are geared toward moisture and others are geared towards strengthening your hair. Deep conditioning can help with the following:

  • Maintain health and strength
  • Moisturize
  • Softening
  • Repair dry, damaged hair
  • Reduce frizz

Remember that you can over-condition your hair, especially when using a protein conditioner. It is not necessary to sleep overnight with conditioner in your hair. In fact, this can be very damaging to your hair strands. Try using a non-protein deep conditioner once a month to soften and moisturize your hair, especially during dry winter months. Then use a protein-based deep conditioner every 1-2 months to strengthen and repair your hair, especially if it is damaged, color-treated or in need of a little extra tlc.

I also recommend using a steamer when you deep condition your hair, because it will really allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair while infusing it with goodness. You can also use a plastic cap or sit under a hair dryer.

Hope these tips help.

Catch you later,

Yolanda, Crown-n-Glory CEO